Next Level Racing F-GT Formula and GT Simulator Cockpit- Matte Black

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Next Level Racing F-GT Formula and GT Simulator Cockpit- Matte Black

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Next Level Racing F-GT Formula and GT Simulator Cockpit- Matte Black




The revolutionary F-GT design allows you to be in true racing positions for both formula and GT racing. You no longer need an expensive cockpit just for formula racing as the Next Level Racing F-GT is suitable for all your racing titles by offering dual racing positions.

The F-GT will put you in the driver’s seat with the exact formula seating position as a real formula driver and of course also GT position for all your regular racing.

The patented design of the Next Level Racing® F-GT ensures a rigid and solid cockpit but also many adjustments meaning you have your wheel, pedals and gear shifter in the best position to suit you as the driver. The steering wheel support is solid enough for professional direct drive steering wheels and the rigid design of the pedal plate ensures you have a solid racing experience.

Extras such as gear shifter support, seat slider, lumbar support cushion, height adjustable feet and the  Buttkicker® Gamer 2 adaptor are all features which come included with the Next Level Racing® F-GT making it the best value cockpit in the market.

You can get serious in the driver’s seat as the Next Level Racing® cockpits are also used by professional drivers such as Red Bull Racing®’s Mad Mike Whiddett, GTacademy® winner Matt Simmons, professional Rally Driver Ricardo Costa Jnr & many more.



Key Features
- Used by thousands of customers globally including professionals
- Dual position cockpit to have you in authentic formula or GT racing positions
- Completely adjustable wheel, gear shifter and pedal positions
- Extras included such as seat slider, gear shifter support & lumbar support cushion
- Rigid, high quality powder coated steel frame with premium racing seat
- Rock solid design to handle high end pedals and direct drive wheels
- Suitable for serious sim racing and even professional driver training
- Suitable for serious sim racing and even professional driver training
- Compatible with all major wheel and pedals. Pre-drilled for Thrustmaster®, Logitech®, Fanatec® & Simxperience® Accuforce wheels. Built strong enough to support direct drive wheels
- Up to 10 minutes required to change from formula to GT position. Wheel, pedal and seat positions all change.
- Supported Max Weight - 130 kg or 285 lbs
- Product Dimensions  -Formula 170 x 60 x 100 cm or 67 x 24 x 39 inches
- GT 140 x 60 x 125 cm or 55 x 24 x 49 inches
- Boxed Dimensions - 96 x 50 x 40 cm or 38 x 20 x 16 inches
- Boxed Weight – 45 kg or 99 lbs
Customise and Upgrade
Next Level Racing Floor Mat – Not only protect your floor but complete the look
F-GT Monitor Stand (Can hold 1-3 screens) – Supports Upto 1 x 65” screen or 3 x 27” screens
Lockable Castor Wheels – Used to move your simulator with ease

*Please Note Steering wheel and electronics are not included 

Compatible with the following electronics
- Thrustmaster Wheels: Tx 458, T500 RS, T300RS, T300 Ferrari Edition, 458 Italia, Spider Xbone, T80,T300GT
- Fanatec Wheels: All Fanatec wheels on the market
- Logitech Wheels: G25, G27, G29, G920 wheels on the market (Pre-drilled for wheel, pedals and shifter and we even include screws to hardmount straight on)
- Built to support professional direct drive wheels and pedals.
What’s In The Box
- Next Level Racing® F-GT frame and seat including seat slider
- Gear shifter holder (can be mounted on left or right side)
- Next Level Racing® lumbar support cushion
- Screws to hard mount your wheel
- Buttkicker® Gamer 2 Adaptor
- Height adjustable screw in feet
- Instructions for quick and easy assembly
What’s changed from the F1GT to the F-GT
- New electroplated Matte Black finish on the frame. All bolts, nuts and washers changed to Black for a stealth look
- New sliding holes for faster adjustment of wheel, pedal and shifter positions
- 3 more levels of angle adjustment added for the wheel, pedals and seat
- 8 height adjustable feet that screw into the frame of the cockpit
- Adaptor included for Buttkicker® Gamer 2
- Product name change to F-GT to reflect formula seating position
- Compatibility with Next Level Racing® Lockable Wheel Castors (available separately)



Customer Photos


  1. Solidly Built and Comfortable Review by les lannom

    I like the driving position and solid mounting of my wheel and pedals. Once you're sitting in the cockpit nothing flexes or shifts. The one thing I had a problem with was the fact that a very few of the holes didn't line up absolutely perfectly. One of them was on the left side of the seat back mounts. I, unfortunately, stripped out the allen head recess on the mounting bolt, due to its not being perfectly lined up with the threaded mating part, and the bolt can't be tightened down completely and correctly. I was using an alignment tool to line things up, but on this one it was not possible. Subsequently, when I encountered a similar situation when mounting the wheel motor, I took a rotarry tool and adjusted the hole in the mounting plate and had no further issues. I guess I should contact Next Level Racing and get a replacement bolt and perform the same operation on the seat mount, but I haven't gotten around to it. It does take a substantial investment in time to complete assembly, but the results warrant it. I love it. I put sliders under the supports and am able to easily move it around the room. It's great!

  2. No matter how tall you are it is very well extendable Review by Amazon Customer

    Loved the seating angles very well built

  3. Absolutely fantastic rig. Review by Daniel Sutton

    Ordered this bad boy as my first sim racing rig, and I have to say, I'm glad I didn't cheap out on some $200 rig. This thing is solid, and so sturdy. Extremely adjustable. Pretty easy to put together, took maybe 1.5 hours and a lot of sweat. I didn't have any issues with holes not aligning except for the mount holes for my G920, they seemed a little too far away, but I got them in within a minute or so. I've only used GT mode as I don't really drive F1 much, but I'd definitely recommend this rig to anyone looking to buy.

  4. Amazing cockpit! Review by Kristen

    I am certainly impressed, and a little star struck on the excellent quality, time an effort gone into packaging the Next Level Racing F-GT Formula & GT Simulator Cockpit. I have just sat down to put it together, you can see and feel the quality of this seat and frame as I unpacked it, each item individually bubbled wrapped and the toolkit laid out. It is certainly a wonder to behold opening and unpacking the box.

    Well if you and the team are smiling now have a top weekend you deserve it for the service you have provided me with.
    Many thanks from one truly happy customer.

  5. F1GT NXTLVL RACING Review by Teo

    Great simulator setup for those who want to take online racing onto another level. Assembling this was quite tedious but nonetheless possible with a little help from the internet. I would say my favorite feature would be the adjustability of the seat and the comfort. I might invest in one of those seat shakers just to add a little more "realism" into my gameplay. But overall, I would say that this is the best bang-for-buck racing simulator on the market.

  6. Awesome for gaming Review by greg r.

    Love it. It’s nice to have option to switch between formula and gt seating positions although I prefer formula . I use Thrustmaster TX wheel/pedals and TH8A shifter and everything bolted right up.

  7. Nice Seat for the price Review by Customer

    I like the seat a lot for the price compared to all the others I'm 5' 8" and it fits me well with seat in the second position, and there is still many more settings for the seat to slide back for taller people. When putting it together on the last few bolts you need to loosen all the leg bolts so you can get the last few bolts in, but it is very tight with no wiggle, i'm very happy with it

  8. Great Customer Service and Simulator Review by Customer

    Got the Simulator and is more than I expected, got a little problem with it and customer service was great and fast, recommended it, this Simulator is top of the line for the price.


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